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Our Services
  • Abrasive Blasting
  • Powder Coating
  • Industrial Spray Painting
  • Aluminum Chromate Pretreatment
  • Burn Off Oven – 3200 long x 2200 wide x 2400 high
  • Potable Water Spray-In Tank Liners
  • Industrial Shot Peening
  • Cerakote High Temperature Coating

Our Facilities

Abrasive Blasting

  • Drive through blast chamber
    – 30 metres long x 6 metres high x 4 metres wide
  • 4 blast pots
  • 5000psi water blaster

Powder Coating

  • To ensure the life of your asset is maximized, you can find the Technical Advice guide to Care and Maintenance of Powder Coated Surfaces here
  • Large Oven– 10.5 metres deep x 3.5 metres wide x 3.5 metres high which can be extended to 14 metres long
  • Small Oven – 6.8 metres long x 1.8 metres wide x 1.8 metres high
  • Five stage aluminum chromate dipping system
  • Our preferred supplier is Dulux who have a vast range a colours – Click here to view their range. We can also source powder from our other suppliers. For information about pricing, please contact our team on 07 4659 2500 or email us at [email protected]

Industrial Spray Painting

  • 4 spray sheds
         – Shed 1 = 16.5m long x 6m wide x 5m high
         – Shed 2 = 10m long x 12m wide x 6m high
         – Shed 3 = 17.5m long x 5.5m wide x 5.9m high
         – Shed 4 = 17.5m long x 11.5m wide x 5.9m high
  • Full QA/QC documentation
  • Able to apply all paint specifications to required Atmospheric Conditions from C1 to C5

7 Reasons Why You Choose Us

  1. Great Customer Service
  2. Friendly Staff
  3. Quality Finishes
  4. Fast turn Around Time (2-5 Days)
  5. We guarantee our work
  6. Over 25 Years experience in the coating industry
  7. We are passionate about what we do

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