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PBS Specialty Coatings are a Certified Factory trained applicator of the CERAKOTE range of ceramic coatings. CERAKOTE offers a high performance ultra-thin ceramic coating to a large range of products. Be it a dual thermal barrier coating for the internals and externals of exhaust and turbo systems with a proven engine bay heat reduction of up to 40% of a hard wearing decorative/protective coating of components of your car, bike, truck or machine. 

CERAKOTE also offers industry exceeding protection in rust prevention with it passing the 6500-hour salt spray test, ASTM B117. Available as well we have CERAKOTE MC-156, the worlds sharpest clear coat to keep your polished/billet aluminum and stainless steel in as new condition. CERAKOTE Elite Series has a 9h+ pencil hardness for scratch and gouge hardness as per ASTM D3363. Making the Elite Series ideal where an ultra-thin film corrosion resistant coating is required. 

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What our Customers Say

PBS came highly recommended and for good reason. They were fast, efficient and really went to the next level to get a difficult job done just right.

- Pat Wagner

Great customer service from the girls at the front desk and the boys out the back, they did a great job with my sportsbar and it looks awesome on the ute now. 110% recommend these guys top job 🙂

- Kevin Johnson

All were very helpful and very friendly. They did a great on my racks for an excellent price. Wouldn’t consider going anywhere else. Highly recommend.

- Shayne Jacobsen

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